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We’ve gone a little nuts

Peanut Chewies

Peanut Chewies

It’s been a while since we posted to this page, but we are hoping to change that.

Those who know us well, know that we aren’t big television buffs. Our post-work evenings are largely spent cooking.

Discretionary time is at a premium, but we can generally be found shopping the Abilene Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.

We’ve decided to have a non-shopping presence – i.e. We are going to have an Out of Abilene table where we have a few items that we don’t believe are available in Abilene and that aren’t being covered by other vendors at the market.

This week we plan to have:

1. New York Style Bagels. High-gluten flour. Malt Barley. Boiled. Baked. Crusty exterior. Chewy interior. Nothing like the round bread labeled as bagels that you can find anywhere else in town.

2. Peanut chewies. Inspired by a recipe from the 1800s. This candy originally was sold on special occasions in the South and was simply made with butter, molasses and peanuts. We’ve added our own zing with a little bit of earthy thyme, nutmeg, red pepper and vinegar. A candy for grownups.

3. D’s nuts. My great grandfather D. Poland was the oldest producing farmer in Texas at one point. He loved pecans. Pecans on oatmeal doused in honey. Pecan saplings planted when he was 100 years old (He was an optimist). Pecans. Pecans. Pecans. Remembering him, we started with Texas pecans and coated them with a mixture that hits almost every note in your mouth – sweet, spicy, savory, salty – and have expanded to include cashews and almonds.

4. Modern Granola, Girl. This isn’t your 1960s granola. Mom used to tell you that it was “good and good for you.” One out of two ain’t bad, but it wasn’t something most people wanted to eat. Our mixture is hiqh quality crack for tree huggers and bambi slayers alike. Pecans, hazelnuts, pepitas, cranberries, olive oil, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon. This is the one Christmas gift we used to give that folks now ask for year-round. (We have a support group for our addicts but our recidivism rate sucks – nearly 100 percent).

Come see us at the Abilene Farmer’s Market, 7 a..m.-noon, N. 1st and Mesquite across from Frontier Texas!